ZIRento™ Milling Discs (Surface Imperfections)

ZIRento Milling Discs with surface imperfections are cosmetically damaged milling discs that are sold as is and are not eligible for returns. Surface imperfections include chips, nicks, scratches and abrasions that are unlikely to affect the fabrication of restorations; stock may vary.

Made with only the finest zirconia powder, ZIRento Milling Discs are used to produce dental restorations that appear natural and prove to be remarkably strong. Available in white and shaded assortments, the discs are indicated for milling traditional and implant-retained restorations. Whether utilized for the fabrication of inlays, onlays, single-unit crowns, short-span bridges, or roundhouse prostheses, ZIRento Milling Discs allow dental professionals to achieve premium results with ease. In addition to satisfying a multitude of functional demands, ZIRento Milling Discs work well with any laboratory workflow.